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Aggregate Conveyor

Shuttle-Conveyor Feeding

This option is normally more suitable for loading the aggregate bins with 6+ compartments and on sites with different elevations where radial conveyor can not be used. A fixed aggregate feeding bin and conveyor transfer the aggregates to the shuttle-conveyor that can rotate to both sides. Shuttle-conveyor is moving on rails on the top of the main aggregate bin and its position is controlled by the switches.Both feeding systems can either be operated manually from the panel or with a wireless control from the loader.

Radial Feeding

Conveyor position change is being done with the help of a chassis with wheels. Up to 5 bins can be fed with one radial conveyor. Feeding bin stays fixed while the conveyor moves from one side to another.

Two discharge legs

Adding a second discharge leg generally reduces the capacity losses related to mixer approach times.


Wheeled base allows easy transportation with a single trailer truck. It can be detached for container transport as well.


Folding design allows fast setup and dismantling.


The aggregates are being distributed with the help of a rotating chute.


Camera system allows exact control for the rotating discharge chute which ensures better aggregate distribution and eliminates contamination of materials.

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