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Best Candidate for Forward in Machine Manufacturing Turkey

Best Candidate for Forward in Machine Manufacturing Turkey

Kutlu Karavelioğlu emphasized the importance of value-added production and said, “Machinery manufacturing, one of our sectors with the lowest import dependency, is in this category, where European countries have deficits in defense, both with its 76 percent locality rate, which is in the 6th place in the OECD, as well as its low energy need and carbon emissions. He stands out as the best candidate in the striker for Turkey in the struggle.” he said.

Pointing out that it should not be forgotten that the EU, which is of critical importance for exports, will add provisions for the protection of climate, environment and labor rights to its future trade agreements, Karavelioğlu said that trade with the EU brings new duties to businesses on sustainability, and that they should devote more of their energies to these issues.

Referring to the Supply Chain Law prepared by Germany for the protection of human rights in global supply chains, Karavelioğlu said, “Our machinery industry is the most ready actor for this development in Turkey, with its position at the most advanced level in integration with the EU industry. Our sectoral culture is to work with dignity. It holds not only exporters but all manufacturers responsible for this issue.” used the phrases.

“Except for China, our machinery foreign trade does not open”

Machinery Exporters’ Association President Karavelioğlu pointed out that machinery imports reached 2.8 billion dollars with an increase of 9 percent in July, and used the following statements:

“Machine imports increased by 6.5 percent in the last 12 months to 35.2 billion dollars. At the end of the year, our machinery foreign trade deficit will be close to 10 billion dollars and this difference will be due to the machinery foreign trade deficit with China. Unfortunately, our machinery trade with this country It continues unilaterally; Turkey always buys, never sells. In popular words, ‘Our foreign trade in machinery, except for China, does not open.’ And at a time when it also introduces subsidies, our failure to tighten the measures may have irreparable consequences.”

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