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Explaining that they examined many data in the process of expanding abroad, Emek said that while determining the countries they export to, they consider every element from trade agreements to meat prices and competition conditions.

Emek said, “We made our first export by expanding abroad in 2014. Today, we export to a total of 13 countries, namely Ghana, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. Our goal is to export to 20 countries in the future.” he said.

Expressing that they are making strong progress towards achieving their goals with their export and branding investments, Emek said, “Our main target is to have a turnover share of 10 percent of our exports in 2018. These rates will be proof that we will have reaped the rewards of our efforts to some extent.” used the phrase.

Returns to Turkish soldier in Afghanistan

Emek said that the best thing they do abroad as a food company is to supply doner kebabs for Turkish soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

“It is very special and a source of happiness for us to offer our delicious doner to the heroic Turkish soldier serving in Afghanistan far from his homeland.” Emek said that, in addition to this, their efforts to announce the name of doner, which has been expressed for years and mostly defines ground beef doner, to the world as “Turkish doner,” is another project they are proud of.

“Innovation and R&D are indispensable”

Mentioning the differences between doing business in Turkey and doing business abroad, Emek warned that those who will do business in the meat industry abroad should pay attention to the differences in legislation between countries.

Emphasizing that companies that want to expand abroad must first prepare well due to the difficulties of the conditions and competition processes, Emek said, “While bringing a brand to life is a big job in itself, opening this brand abroad or turning it into a world brand requires a special effort and vision. For this reason, it is the most important element to set everything right and to be patient and stable on this path. On the other hand, the right business partner, the right market research and the right legal infrastructure are of great importance in order to be successful in countries we do not know. It is an indispensable prerequisite for success.” said.

Allocating enough time is an indispensable prerequisite for success.

Stating that they will continue their investments without slowing down this year, Emek said, “We will close this year with an investment of over 10 million liras, including packaging, packaging and hygiene machinery, breeding farm and different commercial investments. Innovation and R&D are indispensable. Our production capacity, our product quality. “We have implemented our new investment, our fattening farm, in order to improve our facilities and facilities, to reduce our dependence on foreign sources and to provide first-hand raw materials and product production. We will continue to increase our investments in the future with investment and capacity increase.” he said.

We will continue to increase our investments.”

Emek stated that since doner is a traditional taste and is preferred as a ready-made meal, it can be consumed at every meal, and that they serve doner kebabs to many members of the Turkish art and politics community in their establishment in Beyoğlu, which is the starting point of their commercial lives.

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