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Flour exports broke a record with 652 million dollars in the first half of the year

In the first half of the year, Turkey’s flour exports increased by 33 percent compared to the same period of 2021 and reached 652 million dollars, breaking the record of all time in January-June.

Eren Günhan Ulusoy, President of International Flour Industrialists and Grains Association (IAOM) Eurasia, made evaluations to AA correspondent regarding local and global developments in the wheat and flour industry.

Reminding that the recent drought in the world’s major wheat producing countries, the COVID-19 and the concerns about food security have caused the rapid rise in agricultural commodities recently, he said that this situation has caused the flour industrialists to worry.

Noting that Russia’s green light for the safe extraction of Ukrainian grain reduced the concerns about wheat supply, Ulusoy emphasized that it is pleasing that positive messages emerged from the meeting held in Istanbul between the military delegations of the defense ministries of Turkey, Russia and Ukraine and the United Nations (UN) delegation.

Expressing that the weakening of the drought forecasts in the USA and the forecasts for the increase in precipitation were effective in the decrease of around 20 percent in global wheat prices with these developments, Ulusoy said: It is hopeful that they can see their future better.” he said.

Ulusoy stated that the decrease in wheat prices is important for the whole world.

The highest increase in Turkey’s flour export is in Venezuela

Ulusoy said that while the uneasiness about wheat decreased in the global arena, there were pleasing developments in Turkey as well.

Expressing that the country’s flour exports increased by 33 percent in the 6 months of the year compared to the same period of 2021, and reached 652 million dollars, Ulusoy said, “In the January-June period, we achieved 652 million dollars in return for 1.35 million tons of flour exports. The 33 percent increase is very pleasing. On the other hand, we broke a record by reaching the highest January-June export figure ever.” used the phrases.

Ulusoy stated that Iraq, Syria and Yemen lead among the countries that Turkey exports the most flour to and said, “The biggest increase in this period was in Venezuela with 211 percent. Libya followed it with an increase of 123 percent.” he said.

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