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Turkey’s Frozen Fish Export Although it does not have a coast, the fish grown in the dams of our city, which is one of the most important cities of Turkey in terms of water resources, are exported to 54 countries. Our city, known as the “City of Waters” with its streams, ponds and dams, is also one of the points where Mesopotamian and Anatolian cultural basins meet.

Our city, which has an important place both in our country and in the world in terms of water resources, is the birthplace of the Ceyhan River, one of the most important water basins of the country, and hosts its journey in the Mediterranean. Tons of trout grown in facilities built on water resources took their place among the export items of the city. Despite not having a coast to the sea, producers exporting fish to all over the world, especially in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, produced 5,400 tons this year.

Our Provincial Director, Mustafa BOZKURT, said that although Kahramanmaraş does not have a sea in terms of fishery products, it has an important place in fish exports. Stating that the trout raised in the trout cage production facilities established in the dam lakes are exported to 54 countries, BOZKURT said:

“In 2019, 6,702 tons of trout were processed and exported as 3,100 tons of processed products, and an income of 138 million liras was achieved. In 2020, 7,500 tons of trout were processed and 3,700 tons of processed trout were exported, resulting in 167 million liras of revenue. In exports, Romania has the most. It is carried out to 54 countries, mainly Poland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, the United States, Iraq and Iran. Chilled, frozen and smoked trout were exported as a monitored product.” Stating that Turkish Salmon is also exported from Kahramanmaraş in addition to trout, Bozkurt stated that the city is in the top three in Turkey in terms of aquaculture potential, adding that “The “Fisheries Processing Facility” operating in Kahramanmaraş ranks first in Turkey in terms of capacity and third in Europe. This feature of our city, which is a province rich in inland waters, also causes it to have an important trout production potential in Turkey. The cold, clear and richness of its waters cause the quality of fish grown in Kahramanmaraş.” he said.

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