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Furniture exports are expected to exceed 10 billion dollars in 2023

Furniture exports are expected to exceed 10 billion dollars in 2023

Furniture exports are expected to exceed 10 billion dollars in 2023. While he was the President of Ankara Furnituremakers Lakeciler Chamber of Craftsmen and Craftsmen, Taklacı, who was elected as the General President of TAIF, which has 148 professional chambers across the country, made an assessment about the sector.

Taklacı said that there are problems in the sector regarding the hikes in raw materials, sales of planted trees, exhibition centers, capacity reports and R&D design centers, and that they will primarily work on these issues.

Stating that they will prepare the sector inventory in the first place, Taklacı said:

“How many people work in the sector according to provinces, how many different machines are used, what kind of furniture is produced? What is the added value per kilogram of the products produced? In which countries, what types and sizes of furniture are used? What are the trend fabric types and colors of the next season? What kind of style in the world? “We want to research all of these and share them with our tradesmen through our chambers. We aim to keep our tradesmen ahead of the global market by keeping the statistical information of our industry and sharing them regularly with them.”

Referring to the export data of the furniture industry, Taklacı said that 5.5 billion dollars of products were sold abroad in 2020 and 6.9 billion dollars in 2021.

Stating that 3.2 billion dollars of exports were made in the first 6 months of this year, Taklacı said, “We think that the furniture industry will push the levels of 8-9 billion dollars in exports until the end of the year. In 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, our country will develop 10 years of development. As stated in the plan, we foresee that the export of furniture will exceed 10 billion dollars and the current account surplus will be given by reducing the amount of imported inputs used. said.

Stating that the most exports are made to the USA, Germany, England, Israel and Iraq at the moment, Taklacı said that the Middle East countries are still interested in gold leaf, embroidered heavy furniture sets called avant-garde, and that more modern, ergonomic and simple sets are being produced in Europe and the USA. Told me it was preferred.

Stressing that the countries should be analyzed well and production planning should be made according to the needs, Taklacı said:

“Turkey entered the top 6 in furniture exports last year. The export amount, which was 380 million dollars in 2000, is now close to 7 billion dollars. Our country, which ranks 11th in world furniture exports with a share of 3.1 percent, is in the world furniture imports. while it is in the 45th place with a share of 0.5 percent, we can enter the top 3 by increasing the share of world furniture exports to 6 percent in 2023. There is no obstacle for us to be in the top 3 in the world market. Our furniture industry, which also greatly supports the current account deficit If R&D is supported by design and promotion studies, imports can be reduced and exports can be moved higher.” Taklacı also stated that only metal, plastic and chemical components are imported, and that with a petrochemical plant project to be implemented, the rate of imported input in furniture can be reduced below 0.5 percent.

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