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Turkey Market

Our goal as Turkey Market, customers who want to import goods from Turkey doing market research on the products they want to offer them the most suitable product quality and price options. What we’re going through with this service to our customers who want to take products from Turkey would like to create a safe trading environment. In the negotiations we will make on your behalf, we take the most suitable offers for you by evaluating the institutionalism, product quality and price criteria of the companies, we translate these offers into a language you can understand and make the offer you can understand.

Our Solution Partner
  • We offer the advantages of the market in Turkey.
  • We create the opportunity to purchase European quality products at very affordable prices.
  • We work as your partner you in Turkey.
  • We investigate, negotiate and stand by you on your behalf.

you want to import goods from Turkey, is investigating on your behalf, we offer you the most competitive prices in consultation with the companies. As Turkey Market, our aim is to deliver quality Turkish products at affordable prices in a reliable trading environment.

How We Work
How Do We Evaluate Incoming Requests?

In this process, we receive 3 different price offers from 3 different companies for you. While purchasing these offers, we endeavor to receive low quality reasonable price, medium quality reasonable price and high quality high price offers. Thus, we are able to offer you both economical offers and high quality product offers. You can also evaluate the offer that suits your budget. You only have to decide.

What Services Do We Provide?

First of all, we analyze the product you want to buy and determine the most suitable companies that we will get price for the product. Our sales representatives call the designated companies and get the price and delivery time for the product with the features you want. We translate the price offers we receive and forward them to you. In this process, we forward the questions you ask to the companies and translate the answers they give to you. When you decide to make a purchase, we make the necessary negotiations with the company on your behalf, prepare the contract in a language you understand, and provide all communication between you and the company. In addition, we ensure that your products reach you the way you want by continuing to communicate with the company after sales.

What Do We Charge For Our Service?

We charge you $ 1000 for our services. We get half of the payment initially, and the remaining half when you reach a positive or negative decision.

Trade is Safer with Turkey Market

Call us, let us meet you with quality Turkish products.

Summary of our business, our goal is, as mentioned above, be with you in your trade you make from Turkey, to interleave a safer trade doors for you in the risk of hosts, you do not know to be your partner in your solution in a business environment. Thus, both you win and we will win.