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According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent of Turkey`s Honey Exports from the data of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters’ Association (DKİB), 9,875 tons of honey was sold from Turkey to 55 countries in 2021. 30 million 498 thousand 600 dollars income was obtained from this export.

Honey exports increased by 65 percent in quantity and 18 percent in value compared to 2020, which provided 25 million 856 thousand 972 dollars in revenue for 5 thousand 972 tons of honey last year.

The USA, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and Israel were the countries that exported the most honey in 2021.

The USA ranked first in honey exports with 8 million 860 thousand 506 dollars. This country was followed by Germany with 6 million 940 thousand 35 dollars, Spain with 2 million 261 thousand 335 dollars, Bulgaria with 1 million 124 thousand 139 dollars and Israel with 985 thousand 149 dollars.

Last year, unlike in 2020, Turkey also sold honey to Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Mongolia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Kenya, Ireland, Albania and Sudan.

Last year, honey was exported to 18 countries from the TR90 Eastern Black Sea Region, where Trabzon, Ordu, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Rize and Artvin are located.

In return for the export of 564 tons of honey from the region, an income of 2 million 95 thousand 591 dollars was obtained. Compared to 2020, exports increased by 41% on amount and 63% on income basis last year.

The most honey from the region was exported to Germany, resulting in an income of 719 thousand 568 dollars.

“Our honey will sweeten the mouths of consumers in many more countries”

DKİB Chairman of the Board Saffet Kalyoncu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that people are more interested in supplements than ever before due to the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Emphasizing that the trend towards the production of supplementary food with honey mixture has increased due to the interest, Kalyoncu stated that this development also reflected positively on the sector.

Expressing that the honey exported to 52 countries in 2020 reached consumers in 55 countries last year, Kalyoncu said, “The honey exports from our country last year increased by 65 percent in quantity and 18 percent in value compared to the previous year.” said.

Expressing that it is pleasing that pine honey production was negatively affected by forest fires in the Mediterranean Region last year, Kalyoncu said that it is pleasing that the export year closed with an increase, “I believe that the interest in Turkish honey will continue to increase this year. Our honey will sweeten the mouths of consumers in many more countries.” he said.

Kalyoncu added that it is an important development that honey exports from the region exceeded 2 million dollars.

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