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In the 10-month period of the year, 36 million 818 thousand dollars of jam, jelly and marmalade were exported to 135 countries from Turkey. Most of the exports were made to Iraq.

According to the information compiled from the records of Uludağ Exporters’ Associations (UIB), 36 million 818 thousand dollars of foreign exchange income was obtained in the January-October period from the exports to 135 countries in the said product group.

Food producers in this area made the highest export sales to Iraq in the January-October period. Exports to this country in 10 months amounted to 6 million 697 thousand dollars with an increase of 6 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Exports to Saudi Arabia, which is in second place, were recorded as 5 million 100 thousand dollars with a decrease of 1.6 percent.

Exports to the USA increased by 24.53 percent

The exports of the sector representatives to the USA, one of the important markets, increased by 24.53 percent to 2 million 804 thousand dollars.

Jam, jelly and marmalade producers exported 2 million 412 thousand dollars to Germany, 2 million 98 thousand dollars to the Netherlands, 1 million 771 thousand dollars to the United Arab Emirates and 1 million 274 thousand dollars to Belgium.

Exports to Mexico increased 34 times

In the January-October period, there was a significant increase in the exports of the companies operating in the said product group to some countries.

In the 10 months of the year, exports to Denmark increased more than 10 times and rose from 49 thousand dollars to 492 thousand dollars.

Exports to Mexico, where 9 thousand dollars of products were sent in the January-October period of last year, increased more than 34 times in the 10 months of this year and reached 309 thousand dollars.

Exports to Australia increased by 127 percent to 261 thousand, exports to Ukraine increased by 119 percent to 181 thousand dollars.

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