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Explaining that vegetable oil and margarine produced with the latest technology in Turkey’s Margarine Export Facilities are exported to 45 countries, including Iraq, Middle East and African countries, Kadooğlu noted that 70 percent of their production is for export and 30 percent is for the domestic market.

Stating that they have been in the Iraqi market for nearly 30 years, Kadooğlu said, “We were always trading before. We used to make contract manufacturing and export to other companies. We started to make very big sales, especially in the oil sector. As our capacity increased day by day, we decided to become a manufacturer. Because production “Even the companies with a large network could not export as much as we do. We founded ‘Bizce Yağ’ and made our first export to Iraq in 2007. The Iraqi market is very important for Turkey. Because there is no production, it is a country dependent on imports. A dealership from Zaho to Baghdad. “We established the network and started distribution through it. We chose the Iraqi market as our pilot.” he said.

“We will do a different marketing and advertising work”

Stating that they increased the number of countries they export to 45 after the Iraqi market, Kadooğlu said that their factory, which had a daily capacity of 300 tons when it was established, is now producing 650 tons.

Pointing out that they also operate in the domestic market, Kadooğlu continued: “We export to 42 countries through our distributorships. We first started our production with sunflower oil. We also have corn oil, frying and margarine production at the moment. We expanded our product range according to the feedback we received from the market. We are at a good point right now. We entered our 10th year as Oil. We will meet our customers with our new face in the new year. After 4 months of infrastructure work, we are moving to a new corporate identity. We are moving to a new design both in Turkey and in export. We will do a different marketing and advertising work.” He emphasized that it is similar to that of the Turkish market, and that they generally prefer sunflower oil, and that margarine, whose consumption has decreased in Turkey in recent years, is still widely used in these countries.

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