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Export Startup Guide

Export Startup Guide

Export Startup Guide

There are some rules that those who will just start their export life should know and apply. We can also say that e-export is an online way to show itself in international markets. E-export, which is the fastest and easiest way to reach customers all over the world, brings with it some rules. Determining the target market, designing the relevant website, having knowledge about local taxation, preparing the logistics infrastructure dynamics are the factors that should be learned and implemented in the first place.

So, how to do e-export, what are the advantages, how to prepare an e-export invoice, let’s take a look together.

How to E-Export?

In order to do e-export, first of all, large marketplaces or e-commerce sites are needed. First, it is necessary to list the product in a global marketplace. The next stage is the stage of selling the product to online customers. Once the sale is complete, an agreement must be made with the delivery company. At the next stage, the part of the product sold is going to the customer abroad via authorized e-export cargo. The product must be sent to the customer in accordance with the micro export rules and with ETGB (electronic commerce customs declaration).

E-export is a much more advantageous way than traditional export. In the e-export method, where all the procedures in traditional exports are disabled, exports can be made without the need for procedures and costs in logistics operations.

In e-export, there are exemptions from VAT in many countries. Therefore, VAT refund can be obtained.

Exports can be made without the need for all bill of lading procedures in traditional exports.

Since payments are made in foreign currency in e-exports, it is not affected by exchange rate fluctuations.

Things to Know About E-Export

Establishing a sole proprietorship is a sufficient condition for e-export.

You can take a step towards e-export by listing products in worldwide marketplaces.

E-export is a sea of ​​opportunity for SMEs and many other companies in Turkey.

The most well-known e-export sites are Amazon. It can be listed as Joom, Wish, Etsy, eBay, AliExpress, Ozon.

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