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Record Exports From the Agricultural Sector

Record Exports From the Agricultural Sector

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci stated that the export of agricultural products reached 21.5 billion dollars in 8 months of the year, “This is the highest amount in history.” said.

Stating that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is one of the oldest ministries in Turkey with more than 154 thousand employees, Kirişci said that Turkey, which is an agricultural country, does not have an agricultural law, and it was their privilege to enact the agricultural insurance, which Atatürk longed for and expressed when he was alive, in 2005. told me it was.

Kirişci made the following assessment:

“As a country, our agricultural products trade has reached 21.5 billion dollars in 8 months of the year. This is the highest amount in history. Remember, when we came to power, our exports were 36 billion dollars, and the export of agricultural products was just over 10 percent, 3.7 billion dollars. Now, if we push ourselves a little bit, we are in a position to be able to carry out an export on our own in the field of agriculture, which is equivalent to all Turkey’s exports in 2002. This is a situation to be proud of.”

Explaining that diesel and fertilizer are the most frequently mentioned issues by the producers in plant production, Kirişci said, “We announced the wheat price of 7 thousand 450 liras. We calculated all the inputs such as diesel oil, fertilizer, pesticides and seeds one by one. The average for that day was 4 thousand 450 liras. “For the welfare and happiness of the producer, we first said 7 thousand 50 liras and then 7 thousand 450 liras. Therefore, we announced this price for all our products such as barley, wheat and corn. We included the current diesel and fertilizer prices.” he said.

Minister Kirişci reminded that the diesel and fertilizer support payments for the year 2022, which were planned to be paid in March 2023, were brought forward by 6 months and said:

“We will put our 2022 support, diesel and fertilizer support, which we will pay in 2023, forward by 6 months, and at the end of this month, at the beginning of the next month, we will load them in kind on your Ziraat Bank cards at the latest. In other words, you will only be able to buy diesel and fertilizer. We will not consent to the use of money outside the sector or for any other purpose. We want the money to be used in the agricultural sector. For this, it will be loaded in kind on the card that will be given to you 6 months in advance. I hope we will be giving this support to you at the end of this month. You will also need to provide your diesel and fertilizer for planting before going to the field. You will have used the loan that will be loaded on your card. There are loans we have given as Ziraat Bank. There are subsidized loans. Some of them have 0 interest. The limit of these loans was 100 thousand liras. The limit of these loans was increased to 200 thousand liras and 50 percent of this was used only for the purchase of diesel and fertilizer. We will make this happen in a short time. we will pass. There was 22 liras of diesel and 20 liras of fertilizer support per decare in cereals. Now, we are increasing the diesel support of 22 liras to 75 liras, and 20 liras of fertilizer to 46 liras. Thus, we increase our support per decare to 121 liras. We did what was necessary by listening to the voice of the producer.”

Contract production model

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci explained that they will implement the contracted production model, that the producer and the demander will come together, that the laws of the parties will be observed, that it will be an application that protects and protects both sides and has sanctions. Minister Kirişci said:

“We attach great importance to this because this is not just any practice. We will present it to the Veteran Parliament on October 1st. There are a few more legislations like this and we are waiting for them to be enacted, I hope. Without waiting for October 1, the contracted livestock project will be implemented on September 6, by the President’s decision. Here, especially our Meat and Dairy Institution will make contracts with the producers who will raise the livestock and animals that they need, and the commissions to be created here will infer the monthly costs of production. “The conversations that harm or harm their interests will be eliminated. Both purchase and price guarantee will be given, taking into account the welfare of the farmer, according to the determined cost. Thus, our producers will be able to make their own planning for about 5 years.”

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