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Turkey’s Rice Exports Turkey’s rice production was 552 thousand tons in 2015/16 rice season. In the said season, the total consumption reached 750 thousand tons with the annual per capita consumption of 9.5 kg of rice. Turkey’s rice import was 199 thousand tons; The export amount was 61 thousand tons. The 2014/15 marketing year proficiency level in rice is approximately 70%.

Paddy production in Turkey in the 2015/16 season was realized on an area of ​​115.9 thousand hectares and 552 thousand tons of rice was obtained with 60% efficiency from 920 thousand tons of paddy produced in this area (Table 2). Production amount increased by 11% compared to the previous season. It is thought that the snow and rain falling after October 2014 and the climate conditions being suitable for paddy production throughout the production season have a positive effect on paddy yield and this is the main reason for the increase in paddy production in Turkey in the 2015/16 season. With the effect of suitable climatic conditions, the rice yield increased by 5% compared to the previous season and became 794 kg/da. Marmara Region met 72% of Turkey’s rice production in 2015/16 season. The Western Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region, on the other hand, has 25% of the production and these two regions constitute 95% of Turkey’s rice production. While Edirne ranks first in paddy production in Turkey in 2015/16 season with a production of 387 thousand tons; Edirne paddy production accounted for 42% of Turkey’s production, followed by Samsun with approximately 123 thousand tons of production and Balıkesir with 114 thousand tons of production, respectively.

According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK); In 2015/16 rice season, Turkey’s rice consumption increased by 3.5% compared to the previous year and reached 750 thousand tons. Per capita rice consumption increased by 2% in 2015/16 compared to 2014/15 season and reached 9.5 kg. The increase in the amount of production compared to the previous year caused the level of proficiency, which was 65.4% in the previous season, to increase to approximately 70%, as it tolerated the increase in consumption.

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