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Robot revolution in production

Robot revolution in production

Leading the Turkish industry, Bursa also hosts the firsts in the latest technologies used in the industry. While there is a rapid transition towards Industry 4.0 in the world, Bursa companies also turned to robotics and automation systems. Nowadays, where speed and standardization gain importance in production, especially in automotive, companies prefer robotic systems to achieve this. Industry representatives say that Bursa is also a pioneer in robotic automation.

With the rapid development of technology, investments in Industry 4.0, which is on the agenda of the world, accelerated in the Turkish industry as well. The weight of robotic and automated systems on production lines is increasing day by day. Bursa, which directs the country’s industry, reveals its leadership in this field as well. While developments in the automotive industry lead the sub-industry companies to turn to automation and robotic systems, the number of robotic, automation and integrator companies in Bursa is increasing day by day. Industry representatives evaluated the developments in Bursa in the field of robotic automation to Ekohaber.

Indigenization in the field of robotics and automation is going very fast. Our companies in this field are growing very fast. But while saying this, there are too many companies in budgeting up to 1 million euros in terms of business turnover in Turkey, depending on the size of the project. When this figure is exceeded, the number of companies decreases with budgets over 5 million Euros. However, our companies are also trying to reach this level. But it’s a matter of process.

Many of the leading companies in our sector are in Bursa. Bursa’s strength in the automotive sector was also reflected in the robotics and automation sector. Because robotic automation systems developed together with automotive in Turkey. In other words, we can say that the locomotive of robotic automation is the automotive sector. It still is. Most of the robot investments continue from the automotive main and sub-industry. In fact, automotive companies provided the development of companies with robot integrators. Therefore, the fact that Bursa is a base in automotive production gave Bursa an advantage in the development of the robotic automation sector.

I do not think that large manufacturers have any prejudice against domestic companies operating in the field of robotic automation. To give an example, Ford Turkey has made its current investment entirely with domestic manufacturers. While the robotic automation sector is still new in Turkey, companies are acting with the motto of “we find suppliers from abroad, a safer approach”. The idea of ​​“We can give our jobs to local companies as well” emerged and became stronger. At present, companies have become able to do all kinds of business with domestic integrators without hesitation.

It is our right, like every producer, to expect incentives from the state. However, the opportunities available to our state are certain and the state does not have enough resources for everyone. Unlike other sectors, we do not have the support we receive. We receive support for investment incentives.

As in almost every sector in Turkey, we have difficulties in finding trained personnel in the robot sector. As ROBODER, we held a Robot and Automation Summit on this subject. We have an academic committee, headed by Mutlu Balkan, one of the founders of Balkan Robotics. In addition, we have cooperation with the Ermetal Technological Education Foundation (ERTEV). As ROBODER, we are trying to provide the necessary support to train the personnel we need ourselves.

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