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While 744 million 561 thousand dollars were exported in aquaculture in 2016, 797 million 256 thousand dollars were exported in 2017, 879 million 590 thousand dollars in 2018 and 962 million 233 thousand dollars in 2019. Last year, the export in question exceeded 1 billion dollars for the first time. Fisheries exports increased by 35.5 percent compared to 5 years ago and reached 1 billion 8 million 944 thousand dollars last year.

Thus, the total export of fisheries products in the said period was 4 billion 392 million 584 thousand dollars.

Despite the increase in exports in aquaculture products in the 5-year period, imports followed a fluctuating course. While 174 million 616 thousand dollars were imported in fishery products in 2016, this figure was recorded as 223 million 161 thousand dollars, 184 million 809 thousand dollars and 182 million 114 thousand dollars in the following years, respectively. Last year, imports of aquaculture products reached the lowest level of the last 5 years and reached 143 million 104 thousand dollars.

Total imports in this period were calculated as approximately 750 million 649 thousand dollars.

Considering last year, the highest export was made to the Netherlands with 133 million 78 thousand dollars, followed by Russia with 131 million 889 thousand dollars, Italy with 121 million 454 thousand dollars and Greece with 81 million 244 thousand dollars.

Looking at the import data, Norway ranked first with 48 million 334 thousand dollars. This country was followed by Iceland and Morocco.

Fish production areas are increasing

Ramazan Özkaya, Chairman of the Central Union of Fisheries Cooperatives, said that Turkey exports mostly trout, sea bream and sea bass.

Stating that Turkey ranks first in trout exports to Europe and fish is sent to every region of the continent, Özkaya said that tuna is also exported to Japan.

Özkaya informed that approximately 400 thousand tons of fish are produced annually through aquaculture and said:

“The annual production target of our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry from aquaculture is 600 thousand tons. New aquaculture areas have been announced in Adana, Iskenderun and Mersin. The production figure will increase in these areas. In addition, our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli will export aquaculture products worth 2 billion dollars in 2023. We continue to work towards our goal.”

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